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Here are some of the questions our old customers and the recently interested ones have been asking.

Sales & Costs
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How do I buy intoParking?

Digital parking control solution intoParking is easy to deploy. Customer can choose whether to deploy both intoApp solutions – smartphones and smartglasses – or one or the other.

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How is intoParking four times faster?

Traditional parking control process currently in use usually involves checking the sticker and mobile payment, writing the information and printing. This takes about 1-2 minutes. intoParking digital parking control consists of automatic procedures such as license plate recognition, checking the mobile payment, checking the address based on the GPS, photographing the car and sending ticket reports to city office. With smart devices this takes only about 15-30 seconds since less manual work is needed.

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What does intoParking cost?

The price for the intoApp and intoCloud products and services consists of a deployment cost and monthly fees which depend on the use of the chosen software. For example, intoApp has a deployment cost of 10,000 € and monthly fee of 100 € / user. Customized changes are charged according to actual costs.

Getting started
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How do I apply intoParking?

We will train you intoParking and also offer turnkey solutions as well as life cycle services. Contact us and we’ll help you!

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